Volo Digital

Company Size:Small
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Client Work: Yep
Recruiter: Nope
Startup: Nope

About Us

Volo Digital was founded in April 2014 by Shane Ettestad, a 22-year veteran of the tech industry. Its purpose: hand-make next-generation digital products that wow the marketplace. Volo delivers user-centric digital products for companies and leaders that want to grow through innovation. Volo’s enterprise-level clients share Ettestad’s passion for pushing the envelope that sits at the intersection of design and technology.

Volo uses its decades of experience to help companies strategize, design and launch their first Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in order to test their concept in the market. We also work with more advanced initiatives to re-architect a 2.0 experience that significantly boosts previous years’ growth in both revenue and customers. Volo builds digital solutions that positively impact people’s lives while growing the businesses behind them, and is unique in that Ettestad is a diversely skilled, sought-after resource clients trust for direction—from product ideation through solution implementation.

Cutting-edge technology combined with top-notch communications and execution are the cornerstone of the Volo Digital brand. They are part of its DNA—invisible but vital.

Volo is presently working with several enterprise-level clients. We recently completed the design of the newly launched Hotel Huddle SAAS platform, and current projects range from the design of a disruptive marketing and analytics platform for the automotive industry to mobile apps for kids, including the recently launched Go Fish app and in-progress multi-book series for Sniggle.

Beginning in January 2015, Volo will begin work with Sojourn, a luxury destination club based out of Jakarta, to create its membership and travel management platform.